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Open education
Open education

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6.4.5 Other open technologies

We’ve suggested some technologies that have been significant in the development of open education. You may, or may not, agree with the list produced, and probably have your own suggestions for other technologies to include on the list. In the next activity you will be proposing one such additional technology.

Activity 22: An open education technology

Timing: Timing: 2 hours
  • Write a short blog post suggesting one additional technology that is important for open education, either from the role of a learner or a provider. The technology can be one that has been significant, or one that you feel is going to become increasingly relevant.

    What you include as a technology can be quite broad: for instance, it can be a general category (such as social networks), a specific service or a particular standard.

  • In your post briefly explain what the technology is, and then why you think it is (or will be) important for open education. The emphasis should be on open education in particular, and not just education in general.

If you are content to use Twitter to share your thoughts, Tweet about your blog post using the hashtags #h817open and #Activity22.