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This Student Life: Track 1

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What is it like to study a distance learning course? What are the challenges of being a modern student?
This Student Life is a drama following three students through their experiences on DD102. Each episode takes a look at life from the perspective of contemporary students studying social sciences

By: The OpenLearn team (The Open University,)

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Track 1: Welcome to the OU

Our three students are preparing to enter the world of study.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Welcome to the OU    Our three students are preparing to enter the world of study. Play now Welcome to the OU
2 A journey begins    Studying gets underway, our students get online and find out about the Student Connections Conference. Play now A journey begins
3 First Tutorial    It’s the weekend of the first tutorial, Donna and Neil meet for the first time and discuss the Online Student Conference Play now First Tutorial
4 Brief Encounter    The first assignment looms large in our students' journey this week. Play now Brief Encounter
5 First assignment    Tension is high as our students try to complete their first assignment. Play now First assignment
6 Tesco is coming!    With their first TMAs submitted its time for the students to relax a little. Play now Tesco is coming!
7 Two successes and one failure    At last the TMAs are marked and being returned to the students who are all waiting anxiously to see how they have done. Play now Two successes and one failure
8 Making friends    Neil tells Donna a secret and gets some useful advice that brightens his day in return. Play now Making friends
9 Just one more    Katie is worked up about rubbish, whilst Donna is worried about Neil. Play now Just one more
10 Online quizzes    Donna and Katie meet up for a friendly coffee which turns out to be more dramatic then either of them had expected. Play now Online quizzes
11 Online tutorial    Katie, Donna and Neil attend an online tutorial though Neil experiences some ‘technical issues’. Play now Online tutorial
12 Money, money, money…    Katie and Donna decide to try and meet up again, but will Neil meet up with them too? Play now Money, money, money…
13 A study group is formed    Katie, Donna and Neil get together and the study group is formed. Play now A study group is formed
14 Student connections    The students discuss taking part in the Student Connections conference but everything seems to be getting too much for Katie. Play now Student connections
15 Take the red pill Dave!    Neil gets closer to the truth, whilst Donna’s husband runs into trouble. Play now Take the red pill Dave!
16 Buy one, Buy the other one too    Katie’s interest grows, whilst Donna tries to buy some time. Play now Buy one, Buy the other one too
17 A tutorial and a cup of tea    Neil and Katie get to know each other over a cup of tea, whilst Ted takes the biscuit. Play now A tutorial and a cup of tea
18 The economics of disability    Neil gets a concrete diagnosis, whilst Donna and Katie’s thoughts turn to the student conference. Play now The economics of disability
19 Conference training    Our three students are feeling more positive, but an email gives Donna a shock. Play now Conference training
20 The three musketeers    Neil reveals his secret to Katie, meanwhile Donna has a confession of her own. Play now The three musketeers
21 It’s bad news day    Katie’s problems are laid bare and Donna is on tenterhooks but things are looking up for Neil. Play now It’s bad news day
22 You talk too much    The three musketeers get to work in preparation for the student conference. Play now You talk too much
23 The conference    Donna, Katie and Neil log on for the conference. Play now The conference
24 Are we there yet?    It is 5 weeks since the conference and the final TMA is due. Katie is still living with Cheryl but is about to receive some unwelcome news. Play now Are we there yet?




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