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The power of infographics in research dissemination
The power of infographics in research dissemination

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4.3 Applying the evaluation checklist

For this activity you’ll apply some of the skills needed by the ‘critical researcher’ when you use the evaluation checklist that you developed in Activity 3. First though, you’ll search for examples of great (and not so great) infographics related to educational-technology research.

Activity 4 Being a critical researcher

Timing: Allow about 1 hour 30 minutes.
  1. Conduct an internet search either for ‘educational technology infographics’ or for infographics covering an education or training sector in which you’re interested. .
  2. As you search, note any infographics that appear to be particularly effective or appealing, and any that seem to be particularly poor. (You can record the web addresses for all of these examples in the box below.)
  3. Select one infographic on which to conduct an evaluation, either an example you think is particularly effective or an infographic that you feel is flawed in some way.
  4. Using your evaluation checklist from Activity 3, evaluate your chosen infographic by giving it a score against each of your criteria. You should divide the total score by the number of criteria to achieve a mean score for the infographic. You may find it useful to look again at the two resources mentioned in section 3, which list some of the typical components of infographics.
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The final score for your infographic will obviously depend on which infographic you’ve chosen, and which criteria you applied in your evaluation. However, an infographic scoring 5 across all criteria is likely to be a very successful one. An infographic scoring 3–4 is likely to be fairly effective but lacking in a few important areas. An infographic scoring lower than this is likely to have some substantial defects.