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Biology: Climate Change & Conservation

Updated Monday, 30th November 2020
The main objective of this session is to discuss how research that scientists carry out now can help tackle the combined challenges of climate change and habitat loss.

The session will outline the dual threats of climate change and habitat loss and allow students to discuss their potential impacts.

The session will then move on to looking at two applied research projects, ECHOES (based in Wales and Ireland) and DGbarcoding (based in Sabah, Borneo). The overall aim of both projects is to provide data which will help mitigate these future challenges. We will then discuss the limitations of the research.

The students will benefit from learning how science projects are carried out in real-world scenarios by multi-disciplinary teams.



'The Challenges of 2030' Webinar Series

‘The Challenges of 2030’, views the problems of the not so distant future through the lens of a variety of different subjects such as Geography, History, Theatre & Performance, Business and Criminology.

In conjunction with Channel Talent, Aberystwyth University aim to give you an insight into the teaching methods and research of University lecturers whilst discussing the problems that the next generation of students will be facing in the coming decade.

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