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Computer Science: Bioinformatics & Our Genomic Information

Updated Tuesday, 17th November 2020
Dr Amanda Clare from Aberystwyth University's Department of Computer Science explores how new technology is digitising biology, discussing its potential and its ethical implications.

We can now automate laboratory experiments, decode and interpret genomes, store large amounts of data and model a wide range of intricate systems from epidemics to the connections of the brain. The subject areas of biology, computer science and mathematics are being brought together to enable our future.

We ask questions along the way to find out how comfortable we are with the rapid changes we’ve seen in what is possible, and what we could expect to see by 2030. Personalised medicine? Genetic information read from your mobile phone? Then we ask: what will we do with all this biological data that we’re gathering, and how will we share it? We are also very aware that data is not the same as knowledge: how are we going to make sense of it all?

The key topics introduced and discussed are:

  • History of digital biology
  • New technologies
  • Bioinformatics and genomics
  • Data science

This session aims to:

  • introduce some of the potential of this exciting topic
  • demonstrate one of the fields available to those who go on to study computer science, biology or maths
  • raise ethical issues about digital biology that we’ll all need to deal with by 2030



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