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Before, During and Beyond - Mathematics

Updated Friday, 2nd July 2021
The Before, During and Beyond series focuses on a particular subject area to introduce the decisions that need to be made before choosing a degree course, the study period itself and how University alumni have succeeded beyond studying the course.

Each subject will have three videos. Before discusses the decisions and preparation that you'll make before choosing and attending your course. During covers what studying the subject at University will entail. Finally, Beyond will feature an alumnus of Aberystwyth University showcasing how the studying the subject has helped in their career.



Before Mathematics

Insight into the process of applying to study Mathematics (and related degrees) at University.



During Mathematics

Exploring what it is actually like to study Mathematics at University (including topics, forms of teaching, and research project opportunities).



Beyond Mathematics

Considering career opportunities that a Mathematics degree can open up.




Aberflix is a free Higher Education streaming platform with a number of video series tackling issues such as Climate Change, showcasing all the various subjects that we teach and giving advice and guidance on your application to University. View on the Aberystwyth University website.



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