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Mathematics: Quantum Computation

Updated Tuesday, 24 November 2020
Alexander Pitchford, Rolf Gohm, and Jukka Kiukas, from the Department of Mathematics at Aberystwyth University, introduce the mathematical principles of quantum computing, and discuss the impact of quantum information science on emerging technologies.

The rapid development of quantum information theory has fundamentally changed the concept of computing. While conventional computers work on information encoded in bits as two-state (0/1) choices, quantum computers use information units (qubits) with a much larger set of possible states. The “quantum advantage” over conventional computers lies exactly on this extension, the mathematical description of which goes beyond the Boolean logic underlying the conventional computation model, requiring a combination of algebraic structures and probability theory.

Currently, major technology companies, including Google and IBM, are investing in quantum computing, with the expectation that it will in the near future become a part of mainstream computing industry. Consequently, advanced mathematical skills will be an increasingly valuable asset in the job market of this area.

This webinar introduces, in simple terms, the basic mathematical principles needed for understanding how quantum computing utilises the set of available computational states, the two main quantum features being superposition and quantum entanglement.

Current quantum technology applications is also discussed.



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