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Preparing for your university interview

Updated Wednesday, 21 April 2021
You’ve received an invitation to attend an interview for your chosen course, so what’s next?

Preparing for your interview:

  • Check where and when and make a note of it in your calendar/diary to ensure you don’t forget.
  • Plan your journey – arrange your travel and any accommodation; check the University website for maps and directions to help you plan your route; and check travel times, factoring in additional time just in case of any delays.
  • Research the course thoroughly, making sure you are aware of the modules, the academic facilities at the University and any additional opportunities such as work experience and placements.
  • Read through your personal statement as interviewers will use this as a basis for their questions.
  • Plan some answers to common University questions such as: why have you chosen to apply to this university; why have you chosen to apply for this course; what are your career ambitions; what experience or voluntary work have you undertaken; what do you enjoy about your current studies. You may need to demonstrate an awareness of current affairs and any wider reading or research you have undertaken around the course.
  • Create a list of the knowledge and skills that you have along with any supporting examples of where you have gained them from as this will help you to respond to questions.
  • Prepare your own questions, as this is not just an opportunity for the tutors to assess your suitability for the course, it is also your chance to see whether it is the right University and course for you.

NB: Make sure you accept your interview so the University are aware you will be attending and, if, for any reason, you are unable to attend on the date provided, get in touch with the University as soon as possible. It can be difficult for them to rearrange times and dates, so where possible always try to attend the allotted time.

What to do the night before:

  • You need to dress smartly. It doesn’t need to be a suit or a dress, but don’t turn up in jeans or trainers. Get your outfit ready and ensure that it is clean and ironed.
  • Re-read the letter from the University along with your notes and make sure that you have any additional paperwork that they have asked to see e.g. portfolio, certificates etc.
  • Check that you have your questions that you would like to ask them.
  • Ensure that you have the University’s contact details in case of any unforeseen delays/problems.
  • Make sure you have a good night’s sleep as you want to arrive at the interview feeling fresh and alert.

On the day:

  • Arrive early to ensure that you can find your way to the correct department or building in time, as this may be the first time that you have been on campus.
  • Demonstrate good body language, don’t slouch or yawn, sit up straight, maintain eye contact and stay alert.
  • Try to maintain a good rapport and always remain enthusiastic and positive.
  • Take your time to consider your replies before answering questions and ask them to repeat any questions you don’t understand.
  • Relax and remember to smile.
  • And most importantly, be yourself! It is your passion and enthusiasm that Universities want to see, so demonstrate it.


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