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Sgwrs? podcast: Lockdown period

Updated Wednesday, 25th May 2022

What was remote studying like at university? Listen to students sharing their experiences of studying virtually and the challenges of staying home during lockdown.  

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A Welsh language podcast hosted by Trystan Ellis-Morris that discusses the mental health and wellbeing of students of all ages. Trystan will be joined by Endaf Evans who is a counsellor at Bangor University along with students to discuss issues that are important to them.

The lock period or lockdown is the subject this time. It has affected and still affects all of us from adapting to studying virtually and online to having to stay at home for weeks and missing out on the social elements of being a student.

Keeping Trystan and Endaf company this time the students Deio Owen and Leigh Woolford together with Ifan Pritchard who sing for the group Gwilym.

  • How did the lockdown affect you? (3.15)
  • Did the lock period give you the freedom to be creative? (11.00)
  • Deio's experience from the start of the lock period (15.00)
  • Going back to live at home for the lock period (21.50)
  • Starting to live the life of a real student (29.50)

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Funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales.

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