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A Taste of Sport & Exercise Science: Wearable Technology

Updated Tuesday, 16 March 2021
In this session Dr Marco Arkesteijn, Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Biomechanics at Aberystwyth University, presents Wearable Technology For Sport, Exercise & Health.

Background: Technology is more and more ‘wearable’, meaning that individuals can collect data from devices they wear. Fitbits are a prime example, but also GPS tracking in elite teams sports is very common.

Objective: In this 45 minute session, we will explore some of these devices, and see how they work, where they are used and what information they provide.

Activities: In small groups/individually, attendees will select a piece of equipment and search the internet for information about it.

Output: The gathered information will result in an infographic that summarizes the pieces of equipment.

Benefits: By sharing the attendees’ findings at the end of the session, there will be an overview and discussion of different pieces of wearable technology.



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