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Collaboration in the classroom: Track 1

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What teaching methods can be used to improve a school’s performance? What are the benefits of collaborating within an educational institution?
Victoria school for the arts in Canada is ranked amongst the best performing in the country. Maths is now one of the school’s most successful subjects; however three years ago the department was underachieving. The appointment of Kevin Bissoon to the position of head of maths is credited with helping to turn around the school’s fortunes in that subject. In the following 7 films, Kevin and teachers from the math’s faculty discuss the ways in which they feel the department has improves as a result of this highly collaborative approach and how in turn, this has led to a better working environment for teachers and students alike.
This material forms part of the Open University course E855 Leading professional practice in education

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Track 1: Introduction to Collaboration in the classroom

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Introduction to Collaboration in the classroom    Play now Introduction to Collaboration in the classroom
2 Turning the maths department around    Play now Turning the maths department around
3 New strategy in maths    Play now New strategy in maths
4 Sharing ideas and best practice    Play now Sharing ideas and best practice
5 Learning from Collaboration    Play now Learning from Collaboration
6 Dealing with conflict    Play now Dealing with conflict
7 Being accountable    Play now Being accountable




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