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Open Advice - Meet the students: Samina

Updated Tuesday, 29th April 2008

We meet some real Open University students: Samina

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Samina is a science technician who relishes taking responsibility for her own study - the challenge of active learning.

"Active learning, for me is all about trying to make the best of your resources; get to know what resources are available and how to use them."


Samina explains why she wants to study.


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Originally I started studying for myself. It was just something I felt I wanted to do for me, so I could broaden my horizons and possibly eventually help in my career.

I'd like to get into research because I'm working at the University. At the moment I do deal with undergraduate students, but we do have post-graduate students, and many times there is no-one to help them with their research, so I'd like to get into that area.

Samina's biography

Samina works full time as a science technician at Salford University. She’s in her final year of studies with the Open University.

"I’ve worked in many areas: health sciences, applied science and now in the School of Environmental Life Sciences. I'm mainly involved in environmental chemistry and supporting student dissertation work.

I’m able to apply the knowledge gained through my OU courses in my present position. More opportunities are now available to me to enhance my career.

I enjoy yoga, aromatherapy and listening to music.

I was surprised at how high the standards of the OU courses are. To reach my final year is a challenge in itself. I was amazed at the number of people studying OU courses."






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