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Updated Friday, 27th February 2015

On OpenLearn you’ll find free materials from Open University courses alongside everything from articles by OU academics to videos and activities. 

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Study image, students Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Dreamstime There is a vast amount of material on OpenLearn and there are many ways of getting creative with your learning.

You don’t need any formal educational qualifications to use OpenLearn. Each study unit states the level of study and the estimated time to complete – starting from as little as 5 minutes.
There are thousands of resources on OpenLearn, so to help you get started we’ve selected a few samples at introductory level. We’ve drawn these options from across the eight subject categories on OpenLearn and clustered them under three broad themes below.
If you encounter difficulties finding your way around then take a look at About OpenLearn, which is an online demonstration of how OpenLearn works. 



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