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Updated Wednesday 4th March 2015

How do different qualifications relate to each other?

Mapping Scottish Qualifications

Graph comparing and explaining the range of formal qualifications in Scotland. Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: SQA
The above table sets out how different qualifications relate to each other.
Other ways of comparing and explaining the range of formal qualifications in Scotland are available at Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework.
The pathway documents introduce OU Access modules (SCQF level 6) and OU undergraduate study (starting at SCQF level 7). You can refer to the table above to understand where any previous qualifications you may already have sit within the framework and the level at which you might choose to study going forward, with The OU or elsewhere.

Image of student Carol Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Graeme Hunter - The Open University "I saw The OU as a way to better opportunities and more choice in my career and as an interest just for me. You learn so much and the courses are really interesting." - Carol Contact Us

Visit The Open University course page for details of undergraduate study with The Open University. If you wish to discuss starting points for formal study please contact us on 0300 303 5303 or email
Check The Open University Events page for details of opportunities to meet OU tutors at local events and find out more about how OU study works and the support available to students in Scotland.
We hope you enjoy your learning journey!

This is part of a collection to accompany The Open University in Scotland's Open Pathways to Higher Education.





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