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Thinking about how I work with other professionals

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This work-based free course, Thinking about how I work with other professionals, encourages early years practitioners to think about the values and principles underpinning how they work with other professionals. It explores beliefs about teamwork, examines frameworks for professional communication and concludes with identifying possible changes in practice.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • examine practices in relation to working with other professionals in order to make the underpinning knowledge, values and beliefs explicit
  • use a variety of ‘tools’ to examine the knowledge, values and beliefs underpinning a practice
  • identify contradictions between an underpinning knowledge, values and beliefs and a practice
  • identify any requirements for development of a practice and reconsider the underpinning values and beliefs in relation to any work with other professionals
  • identify constraints within a setting that impact on the ways of working with other professionals.

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