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World Class Films: Education around the planet

Updated Wednesday 11th July 2012

In this series of fascinating films, we visit schools around the world to discover how teachers and pupils are adapting to changes in learning

World Class is a schools twinning programme from the BBC and The British Council, bringing schools from around the world into partnership with schools from across the United Kingdom. All though some of the challenges faced by teachers over the planet are the same - resources, how best to make the most of technology, approaches to education for children with different needs - some are amplified by location, and others are unique.

This series of films meets teachers and pupils from a range of schools. You'll hear lots of interesting stories - from how Bosnia is trying to bring pupils from different backgrounds back together, through to a fascinating approach to using technology to teach English in a poorer part of India.

Join in the debate 

Use our comments area below to discuss these films, asking yourself the following questions:

  • When watching the films, what questions arise for you about education in your own context?
  • To what extent is education merely a local activity? Or is it becoming globalised? 

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