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OU on the BBC: Escape from the Boardroom

Updated Monday, 2nd September 2013

Five high-ranking executives from around the globe head to the front lines of their organisations in a bid to better understand their company, staff and customers.

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Escape from the Boardroom titles Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC The business world has changed immeasurably over the past decade.

Globalisation has made the competition tougher and in order to stay ahead, today’s CEOs have to be multi-skilled visionaries, capable of seeing the big picture as well as understanding the details that may trip up the business.

The programme will feature CEOs from Spyker Cars, Oxfam, Lebanon’s Semsom Restaurants, The Intercontinental Hotel Group and Woolworths.

In Escape from the Boardroom business bosses are set a series of challenges by staff at different levels within the organisation.

The CEOs are challenged to get out from behind their desks and experience their businesses at the sharp end.

From Beirut, where one food entrepreneur delivers a busy lunchtime service to a swarm of hungry customers, to Zambia, visited by a charity CEO who explores where donations raised on UK streets end up, the business leaders are given a corporate workout before going on to deliver their findings to the staff.

Is their business in good shape to tackle today’s global challenges? Or will it be a case of out of the boardroom and back to the drawing board?

More about the issues in each programme

Please note this programme is broadcast on BBC World News and is not available to watch in the UK. The series kicked off on Saturday 21 September and programmes will appear in the list below.

On each programme page you'll find broadcast dates and times in GMT. You can also find more information about the series on the BBC website.





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