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Updated Tuesday, 17th March 2020

Here are some of the free courses and content that will be coming soon to OpenLearn...

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Upcoming Courses

Spiral notepad on a desk, with the words 'Upcoming courses' written. Creative commons image Icon Image by LUM3N from Pixabay under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license

Climate change - What action would you take to limit future warming and save the planet? And what would be the consequences for society? In this free course you will imagine a future in which humanity has taken radical action to tackle climate change by engineering the climate and using technology to set the thermostat dial of the planet. Due early 2021

Revolutions of the sixties - A set of four short courses exploring the notion of the Sixties as a ‘revolutionary period’. Joining the already published A spiritual revolution? Wicca and religious change in the 1960s; Janis Joplin and the sexual revolution; and The American Civil Rights Movement, will be the fourth and final course: Simone de Beauvoir and the feminist revolution. Due January 2021

Why do we judge people by the way they look? - This free course explores why we might judge others on appearances. It looks at unconscious bias in terms of physical attractiveness and what the implications are for longer term romantic relationships. The course also looks at the social model of disability, how values in society can be at the root of judgements about others, and that these can be changed. Due Spring 2021

Understanding ADHDThis free course explores the experience of ADHD from the perspective of those who are diagnosed with the condition, and those who care for them. It covers the contribution of scientific research to understanding ADHD, with a focus on assessing the effectiveness and mechanism of action of treatments and therapies. Due March 2021

Upcoming Content

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Spiritualisman immersive video interactive designed to raise awareness of spiritual healing and the different views on this in relation to end of life care and death. Due early 2021

The Women’s Hub - to be launched to coincide with International Women's day, this will be a place to curate all our open educational resources that showcase and celebrate the amazing achievements of women around the world and throughout history, despite the setbacks and marginalisation they have faced. Due March 2021


Please note: All dates given are estimated dates of launch, and all are subject to change.





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