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Updated Wednesday, 24th March 2021

Here are some of the free courses and content that will be coming soon to OpenLearn...

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Upcoming Courses

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Why do we judge people by the way they look? - This free course explores why we might judge others on appearances. It looks at unconscious bias in terms of physical attractiveness and what the implications are for longer term romantic relationships. Due Spring 2021

The Search for Water on MarsThis free course will explore how scientists have found evidence for water in the red planet’s past and present, and what this might mean for the possibility of life beyond Earth. Due July 2021

Making Social Media Work for you in Higher Education - this will explore how students can take advantage of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp to engage and connect with other fellow students and their lecturers. This course will use case study examples to provide practical advice on the ways in which students can manage the risk they expose themselves to in this environment. Due Summer 2021

Upcoming Content

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Spiritualisman immersive video interactive designed to raise awareness of spiritual healing and the different views on this in relation to end of life care and death. Due early 2021

End of life care - a reflective interactive for nurses, nursing students and care workers who have cared or will support a dying patient through to the end of their life. Some staff have found this experience overwhelming and may be grieving themselves. If unsupported, staff can experience burn out and or avoidance as they may not have received the support necessary either in the form of mentorship, collegiate support or the development of coping mechanisms. Due Summer 2021



Please note: All dates given are estimated dates of launch, and all are subject to change.






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