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Coming soon: Autumn 2022

Updated Tuesday, 1 November 2022
Here are some of the free courses and content that will be coming soon to OpenLearn...

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Upcoming Courses

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Decolonising the curriculum​ (badged open course) - This will provide an overview of the decolonising curriculum movement while exploring colonisation and coloniality. It will examine the key principles of developing an inclusive curriculum and it will examine ‘race’ and racism through an intersectional lens. Due early 2022

Diversity in the workplace - This covers strategies for implementing diversity and ways of supporting and developing a diverse workforce. It explores the positive impact of diversity on creativity, problem solving and decision making within an organisation, enhancing a company’s competitive advantage and aligning with its moral values. Due spring 2022

Marketing communications in the digital age - This course will help you explore marketing communications. It not introduces the theories, but also enables you to appreciate practical aspects of designing communications campaigns and selecting digital media. Due Summer 2022

Upcoming Content

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Putting the child before the player - Filmed at Southampton FC and Salisbury Rovers, this interactive will tell the other side of the story and shine a light on the good and constructive practice that can take place in football academies. Practices that provide a positive experience for children which can equip them with skills and attributes that enable them to pursue opportunities and interests outside of football. Due November 2022

The gift of life at the end of life - A moving documentary which highlights the importance of kindness and compassion at the point of consent in helping families to find a new way of living following the death of a loved one and how organ donation can create hope for those currently waiting on transplant waiting lists. Due December 2022

Please note: All dates given are estimated dates of launch, and all are subject to change.




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