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Coming soon: Winter 2021

Updated Friday, 1st October 2021

Here are some of the free courses and content that will be coming soon to OpenLearn...

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Upcoming Courses

Spiral notepad on a desk, with the words 'Upcoming courses' written. Creative commons image Icon Image by LUM3N from Pixabay under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license

Developing children's reading for pleasure (badged open course) - The free course will explore the nature of reading for pleasure (choice-led recreational reading) and why it is so influential. You will consider current research, debates and challenges that impact on children’s reading and gain knowledge and strategies to help you promote reader engagement across schools, homes and communities. Due late 2021

Decolonising the curriculum​ (badged open course) - This will provide an overview of the decolonising curriculum movement while exploring colonisation and coloniality. It will examine the key principles of developing an inclusive curriculum and it will examine ‘race’ and racism through an intersectional lens. Due early 2022

Describing language (badged open course) - Using examples from English, you’ll learn how words are built, how they fit together to make sentences, and what labels like noun, verb and adjective mean. You’ll see how language patterns in regular ways and how the meaning of a sentence is more than the sum of its parts. Due Winter 2021

Myths in criminal law - Have you ever wondered how much truth there is reflected in your favourite courtroom drama? If so, this course is for you! You'll be looking at some of the biggest myths around criminal law and criminal courts to see how accurate a picture they are really painting. Due early 2022

Getting started on ancient Greek - This course will offer a taster of the ancient and enduring Greek language, with a methodical study approach and a variety of reading, speaking, listening and writing exercises. You will see examples of Greek throughout, as it was actually written thousands of years ago. Due late 2021

Upcoming Content

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Medea myth - A short animation summarising the plot of the Greek tragey, Medea (in the same style as our current animations - Antigona and Troy Story). Due December 2021

Time to look again at HIV and relationshipsThe animation project will outline recent developments in HIV treatment and will illustrate key PhD findings from a study of gay/bisexual men in mixed-HIV status relationships, experiences of stigma and how ideas of ‘safer sex’ are changing, plus what this might mean for the future. Due 1 December 2021

How to be a better LGBTQ+ allyReflect on a day in the life of Naomi, an LGBTQ+ young person, and get tips, actions and advice along the way in this interactive film. Due November 2021


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