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OpenLearn IT updates

Updated Monday, 11th May 2020
OpenLearn IT updates

We're updating our systems on 16 December 2020. When you sign in for the first time from this date, you will be prompted to reset your password before you can access OU systems, including OpenLearn. See Help signing in for more information.

Name appearing incorrectly on account or statements

We are aware of an issue with OpenLearn statements having only Surnames or the incorrect details on.

To amend your name on please follow these steps:

  1. Login to OpenLearn 
  2. Click this link here -
  3. Amend name in the first/surname fields (multiple names will need to be in this format):
    • First name: Emily
    • Surname: Jane Johnson Smith
  4. Save changes 
  5. Log out and then log back in to refresh the account. 

If you receive an error page which says you have a duplicate account, this is the issue we're currently looking into and are investigating. 

We will be keeping this page updated with information and we will be looking to resolve this as quickly as we can. 

Courses stuck at X%

OpenLearn courses track by having the user view every single page in the course material and also undertaking any quizzes with a passing mark.

Please check the course completion for any missing ticked pages, these will stop you completing the course and gaining your statement of participation.


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