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Introducing Health Sciences: Trauma, Repair and Recovery: Track 1

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Traumatic injury causes millions of deaths and disabilities globally. How does the body react to tissue damage and what are the psychological effects of injury? The six video tracks in this album present a range of powerful and moving case studies and show how access to emergency and longer-term care can help. We find out how falls affect the elderly, what injuries motorcycle accidents can cause, and how a victim of the 2005 London underground bombings has learned to cope with mental trauma. This material forms part of The Open University course SDK125 Introducing health sciences: a case study approach.

By: The OpenLearn team (The Open University,)

  • Duration 35 mins
  • Updated Monday 8th March 2010
  • Posted under Health
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Track 1: Introducing health sciences: paramedics

A short introduction to this album

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Introducing health sciences: paramedics    A short introduction to this album Play now Introducing health sciences: paramedics
2 Falling: Mary's Story    Mary describes her fall, the extent of her injuries and the treatment she received in hospital. Play now Falling: Mary's Story
3 Recuperating After Injuries    Mary talks about her recovery and the help she now needs. Play now Recuperating After Injuries
4 Falling: Hermine's Story    Hermine describes her fall, the hospital treatment she received and her rehabilitation programme. Play now Falling: Hermine's Story
5 Coping with deterioration    Hermine talks about the equipment and medication she now needs and outlines the help her occupational therapist has offered. Play now Coping with deterioration
6 Motorcycle Accident    Robert remembers life before his accident, explains the extensive injuries he sustained, and reflects on how his life has changed irreversibly Play now Motorcycle Accident
7 Surviving the Edgware Road Bomb    Jaqueline remembers the traumatic events of July 2005 and reveals how therapy has helped her deal with her trauma. Play now Surviving the Edgware Road Bomb




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