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Community Social Care: Track 1

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People throughout the community are affected by social issues, and it is the job of social workers to ensure that they are getting the best care, help and support that they need. The 16 tracks on this album look at numerous circumstances within the community - from the different ways of schooling young people with visual impairment, to fuel poverty, homelessness and the charity Mencap. The material forms part of The Open University course K202 Care, welfare and community.

By: The OpenLearn team (The Open University,)

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Track 1: Community Social Care

A short introduction to this album.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Community Social Care    A short introduction to this album. Play now Community Social Care
2 Segregated schooling for sight impaired young people    Peter White, BBC disability affairs correspondent, revisits the school for visually impaired young people he attended when he was growing up. Play now Segregated schooling for sight impaired young people
3 Mainstream schooling for sight impaired young people    Peter White meet two sight impaired students who attend a mainstream school in the Midlands. Play now Mainstream schooling for sight impaired young people
4 From mainstream to segregated    Peter White meets a sight impaired student who moved fro mainstream school back into a special school to pursue her A level studies. Play now From mainstream to segregated
5 Disability and Difference    The impact of continued research into genetic screening and therapies is debated by people with disabilities and geneticists, highlighting the issue of rights for disabled people Play now Disability and Difference
6 Disabled Women and Motherhood    The challenges and joys of motherhood expressed by two women with differing disabilities Play now Disabled Women and Motherhood
7 Normal Lives, Different Lives    A researcher's assessment of life on a locked ward for men with challenging behaviour and learning disabilities Play now Normal Lives, Different Lives
8 Learning Disabilities and college life    Solihull College's part time provision for adults with a learning disability and the colleges desire to include these students in college life Play now Learning Disabilities and college life
9 Homelessness: Ernest's story    Personal account of homelessness by Ernest, a young Kenyan who resides in a small hostel run by Cyrenians Cymru in Swansea Play now Homelessness: Ernest's story
10 Homelessness: John's story    Personal account of homelessness by John interviewed by course team member Julia Johnson Play now Homelessness: John's story
11 Homelessness: Danny's story    Personal account of homelessness by Danny who moved to Swansea from Northern Ireland Play now Homelessness: Danny's story
12 Homelessness: Paul's story    Personal account by Paul, once homeless and now a volunteer at Cyrenians Cymru Play now Homelessness: Paul's story
13 Fuel Poverty and SCARF    Examination of fuel poverty issues in Scotland from the differing viewpoints of sufferers and energy advisers and projects in place to combat the problems that ----- Play now Fuel Poverty and SCARF
14 Fuel Poverty: Jackie's story    The personal account of fuel poverty and debt experienced by advice worker Jacqueline Carlin Play now Fuel Poverty: Jackie's story
15 Fuel Poverty: Florence's story    Personal accounts detailed by sufferers of fuel poverty and the various government schemes developed to combat the issues raised Play now Fuel Poverty: Florence's story
16 Bedfordshire MENCAP    A detailed history of the Bedfordshire branch of MENCAP Play now Bedfordshire MENCAP
17 Degree in Learning Disabilities    The shifting boundaries between health and social care inspired the University of Hertfordshire to create a joint degree in learning disabilities for nurses and social workers Play now Degree in Learning Disabilities




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