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Diverse Perspectives on Mental Health: Track 1

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What causes mental distress and what can be done about it? What factors in the external environment affect mental health? This album examines the ways in which social, environmental, economic and political factors shape and constrain our understandings and experiences of mental health and distress. It explores the wide range of diverse and frequently competing perspectives that characterise the world of mental health and looks at the impact of these perspectives on mental health practice and service provision. In a set of academic perspectives, Jonathan Leach of The Open University's School of Health and Social Welfare explains why the case studies were selected, and how they fit in with the aims of the course. He also describes how he became involved in the field of mental health education.

This material forms part of The Open University course K225 Diverse perspectives on mental health.

By: The OpenLearn team (The Open University,)

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Track 1: Diverse Perspectives on Mental Health

A short introduction to this album.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Diverse Perspectives on Mental Health    A short introduction to this album. Play now Diverse Perspectives on Mental Health
2 Mental Health on Orkney    Service users and practitioners discuss the constraints imposed on mental health care by the remote, dispersed nature of the Orkney Islands. Play now Mental Health on Orkney
3 Impact of 'The Troubles'    How 'The Troubles' in Northern Ireland have shaped the city of Belfast and the lives of some of its inhabitants. Play now Impact of 'The Troubles'
4 Legacy of 'The Troubles'    The mental health implications of a divided society: at the time of the Peace Process, Belfast still carries a psychological burden which crosses generations, genders, and communities. Play now Legacy of 'The Troubles'
5 Bronwyn's story    Mentally ill or coping in the face of adversity? You decide. This audio drama reveals the inner life and outer persona of a woman living on a deprived estate in Cardiff. Play now Bronwyn's story
6 Identity and Relationships    A theatre group consisting of mental health service users and survivors talk about how their experiences have affected their view of themselves as a person. Play now Identity and Relationships
7 Positive Experiences of change    Mental health service users reflect on the positive aspects of their experiences and question the attitudes of broader society to their illness. Play now Positive Experiences of change
8 Expertise through Experience    Special knowledge and skills that can result from the process of recovery from mental illness. Play now Expertise through Experience
9 Lessons for Practitioners    Could service users' expertise be harnessed to develop better services for users of the future? Play now Lessons for Practitioners
10 Why Orkney, why Belfast?    Jonathan Leach of the course team explains why Orkney and Belfast were chosen. as case studies. Play now Why Orkney, why Belfast?
11 Finding new perspectives    Jonathan Leach of the course team explains why identity and relationships are important when trying to work through mental health issues. Play now Finding new perspectives
12 Listening to service users    Jonathan Leach of the course team explains the practical importance of listening to service users' perspectives. Play now Listening to service users
13 Everyday experiences    Jonathan Leach of the course team explains the rationale for including Bronwyn's Story. Play now Everyday experiences




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