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Managing care: Track 1

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In the arenas of health and social work, management is a crucial part of ensuring quality of service and care for users and staff, and the development of services and standards into the future. The discussions and interviews in this album focus on the importance of management strategies and techniques and garner the opinions and insights of staff at all levels, as well as those in care. These in-depth and frank audio tracks give a real-life sense of the managerial experience, including starting the job, day-to-day planning and the implementation of policy and good practice. This material forms part of The Open University course K303 Managing care.

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Track 1: Managing care

A short introduction to this album

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Managing care    A short introduction to this album Play now Managing care
2 Moving into management    Anita's frank and personal audio diary charts her progress in the world of management and highlights the challenges and decisions she now faces. Play now Moving into management
3 Caring for quality    How is the quality of service offered by providers maintained and assessed? Managers and staff analyse how services are continually maintained and improved today. Play now Caring for quality
4 Changes and transitions    Moving into residential care can often be a troubling experience. Managers and residents discuss how it can be made easier. Play now Changes and transitions
5 Organisational change    The Beeches is service for people with learning difficulties that has recently undergone radical change. How can a manager ease the transition and maintain quality of service? Play now Organisational change
6 An integrated service    The Somerset Partnership is an NHS trust that integrates both health and social services. Management and staff discuss how services can be efficiently integrated. Play now An integrated service
7 Managing to protect    This discussion looks at managing staff in the area of adult and child protection. It deals with the training needs of staff in a series of demanding and sensitive roles.   Play now Managing to protect
8 Learning from mistakes and challenges    How inquiries have shaped policy in children's residential care, and the systems in place to prevent managers from repeating their mistakes. Play now Learning from mistakes and challenges




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