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Working with children and families: Track 1

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This album takes an extensive look at the ins-and-outs of family life and caring for children. It draws on interviews with a wide-ranging selection of professionals, from people who deal directly with children at nurseries or schools to those that help shape national policy, to throw light on national initiatives and schemes such as ChildLine, and explore family life from different perspectives and social levels. This material forms part of The Open University course K204 Working with children and families.

By: The OpenLearn team (The Open University,)

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Track 1: Working with children and families

A brief introduction to this album.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Working with children and families    A brief introduction to this album. Play now Working with children and families
2 Families and origin    Husband and father Calvin Wilkes discusses his attitudes to family life and living as part of a second-generation immigrant family. Play now Families and origin
3 Life as a single parent    Three different takes on aspects of family life involving divorce and living as a lone parent, and the positives and negatives encountered by in these conditions. Play now Life as a single parent
4 The Welsh commissioner for children    Peter Clarke talks about his appointment as Commissioner for Children in Wales and how he intends to improve children’s lives in his tenure. Play now The Welsh commissioner for children
5 Children and the school council    A working example of a child-led school council and how parents, children and teachers can all learn and benefit from such initiatives. Play now Children and the school council
6 The children’s legal centre    Carolyn Hamilton discusses working for the Children’s Legal Centre, the types of work they engage in and the issues they face when working with children. Play now The children’s legal centre
7 ChildLine    Gill Keep, senior policy officer at ChildLine, talks about the background and the goals of this helpline dedicated to children. Play now ChildLine
8 The sure start programme    An initiative in London created to assist and support underprivileged families in bringing up their children. Play now The sure start programme
9 Working as a midwife    Julie Stein is midwife. This track focuses on the work she expects in her day-to-day life and how policy can affect her employment and workload Play now Working as a midwife
10 The childbirth trust and visiting    Ruth Thompson, a healthcare visitor, and Ruth Howard, a representative of the childbirth trust, discuss aspects of care and work in relation to newborn and developing children. Play now The childbirth trust and visiting
11 Community dental work    A dental nurse visits a school to give pupils a fun and informative lesson on dental hygiene and the importance of a balanced diet. Play now Community dental work
12 Play groups and facilities    Interviews that examine a small rural playgroup, the rigorous rules necessary to begin looking after children and what the work is like. Play now Play groups and facilities
13 Initiatives in Belfast    Two child-oriented services, the Early Years project and a local crèche - their services and the impact they have on the local area. Play now Initiatives in Belfast
14 Parental involvement    Parents discuss the importance of partnership and working with schools, and how their children are assisted and encouraged by such involvement. Play now Parental involvement
15 Children and disability    A discussion of the problems and pressures experienced by parents of disabled children, highlighting schemes and charities that are there to help. Play now Children and disability
16 Family centres    A look at a family centre in Glasgow, where local government can hinder the setting up and running of desperately needed facilities. Play now Family centres




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