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To Walk Invisible: Interview with the cast

Updated Friday, 16th December 2016

Some cast members Finn Atkins (Charlotte), Chloe Pirrie (Emily), Charlie Murphy (Anne) and Adam Nagaitis (Branwell) discuss the drama To Walk Invisible and the Brontës.

In this clip, you'll see some of the stars of the drama talk about their experience of reading the Brontës. The actors playing all four siblings describe when and where they first encountered the Brontes' novels, and what their favourites are, and how coming back to them later on has been different.

Some themes to watch for include the difficulty that reading great books sometimes involves, and how re-reading can bring new aspects of a book alive, especially if you're older (and wiser!). (University offers the perfect time and space to really engage with the books you love.) Another important idea that emerges from this clip is how immersing yourself in the language of a particular time by reading around can boost understanding and appreciation. Familiarity breeds confidence, and also the ability to see how current even works written in the nineteenth century can be - regarding women's rights, perhaps. Finally, just enjoy their infectious enthusiasm!

 How can you avoid a return to Wuthering Heights after all that they say about this wonderful and 'bizarre' novel, one that is impossible to categorise and to put down. And what would your 'three words' be? Post them in the comments box below.

This video is part of an exclusive behind-the-scenes collection taken from the OU/BBC co-production To Walk Invisible, a drama on the Brontë sisters and how they overcame hardships to write some of the finest works of English literature. The drama was written by BAFTA-winning Sally Wainwright and stars Finn Atkins, Chloe Pirrie and Charlie Murphy as Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë, respectively.

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