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The making of Tournament 3: A quick shoot

Updated Friday 16th March 2007

"Just" a quick piece to camera.

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Wednesday 14 March

Our first filming day at Bath University (just down the road from home) with a leisurely call time of 10 a.m. (it can't last). The plan is to get some footage of me delivering pieces-to-camera (PTCs) with the England rugby team in the background (we describe the Tournament, in the script, as the first professional sport and compare its physicality to modern rugby).

Modern rugby - the closest thing to a medieval tournament [Image: Kwok88 under CC-BY-NC-ND licence] Creative commons image Icon Kwok88 under CC-BY-NC-ND licence under Creative-Commons license
Modern rugby - the closest thing to a medieval tournament

The only drawback is that we're using a film crew from BBC Sport and, as they've only got 20 minutes to get everything they need, they can only spare us 5 minutes to do three PTCs and various GVs (general views)!

So no pressure, says Dom, but you need to nail the PTCs first time. Luckily I do (and despite the fact that, contrary to Dom's assurances, one is at least 20 seconds long).

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