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The making of Wreckers 13: Robin Hood joins the wreckers

Updated Sunday, 3rd June 2007

The Timewatch programme on Wreckers finds its voice

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Friday 1 June

The past week has been taken up with the online when the programme goes through several technical steps to ensure it is of tip top quality for broadcast. This includes the “dub”, where the sound is perfected, and the “grade” where the picture and colours are tweaked.

The final thing today was the commentary recording when Michael Praed (ex Robin Hood!), the voice of Timewatch, recorded the programme’s commentary.

Wreckers at work [Image: The Gibsons of Scilly] Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: The Gibsons of Scilly
Wreckers at work

The programme is finally finished. I think we are all pretty pleased with the result, and hope our viewers will enjoy the journey around our British coast as well as gaining a fascinating insight into coastal life through the centuries and understanding how modern-day lifesaving was actually born out of something more unsavoury – wrecking.

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