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Debate: Musical education

Updated Thursday, 29th June 2006

Forum member MissTambourine was inspired by the 2006 Reith Lectures - but wondered if music gets the attention it deserves.

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In general i agree that music is a greatly under-rated part of life and does not play a big enough part in society, due to lack of education. I don't think that Daniel Barenboim is necessarily so highly against modern or popular music such as Jazz, Blues, Rock etc. and one must remember that his life IS classical music and has been since birth. As a huge fan of many types of music I agree that we should increase musical education from the very young upwards (this education should include different genres of music), i am not sure from what Daniel says whether he thinks that all children should be taught a musical instrument, or whether he he just means that we should all learn more about music in other ways? what do you think?

I think that Mr Barenboim must be right about the lack of musical education or else why would I, as a highly intelligent and educated music lover (i also have a physics degree), know so little about the structure and forms of music, and I find BBC Radio 3 so inaccessible.

Anyone have any comments or views on that?





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