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Updated Thursday, 1st June 2006

How musicians can be empowered by computers.

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Using computers for music Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Production team

Malcolm Lindsay has found that technology has helped to broaden the range of music genres that he is able to create for musicians. He is able to play a piece of music, and the score is created by the software, essentially writing the musical notation for him.

He has also been able to use his computer as a mini recording studio with the range of studio effects available with the software, and its extensive functionality. The Internet has also been a great tool for him and has successfully generated work for him.

Computing has revolutionised the recording industry, as musicians turn to computers to create their music. Find out more in The Virtual Studio...

For opportunities in studying the rich world of music, take a look at the Open University's music courses. To involve yourself in the intricacies of composition, the third year course, From Composition to Performance: Musicians at work deals with composition, musical notation, editing and performance.





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