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A freelance career in the creative arts

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A freelance career in the creative arts
A freelance career in the creative arts

Do you have creative skills, services, an idea or a product that you want to showcase, sell or market? Do you feel overwhelmed by the idea of working for yourself and find it difficult to know where to start? If you do, then this free course, A freelance career in the creative arts will support you in your first steps, helping you to identify useful sources of advice and exploring the emotional, practical and legal implications of your choices. Working through this course will allow you to investigate the options available to you and make more informed decisions about your next steps.

To whet your appetite and inspire you to find out more, watch the following video of several creative freelancers explaining why they chose a freelance path and what they most enjoy about it. You'll hear more from them throughout the course, sharing their own experiences and top tips.


This course is endorsed by the Creative UK.

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Creative UK said: 'Freelancers and the self-employed make up over a third of the creative workforce, and are a driving force of the UK’s creative industries. This free OpenLearn course is a brilliant resource for those who are considering pursuing their creative passions and careers, and forging their own paths.'

A freelance career in the creative arts

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First Published: 03/11/2021

Updated: 03/11/2021

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