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French Revolution

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This free course provides basic historical background to the French Revolution. It will show that the Revolution accelerated intellectual, cultural and psychological change, and opened up new horizons and possibilities. In fact, while much controversy and scepticism remain as to the real extent of underlying change in the social and economic structure of France, it is generally agreed by scholars that the Revolution stimulated a widening of expectations and imaginative awareness: a belief, inherited from the Enlightenment, in the possibility of progress, as well as a conviction that state and society could be reconstituted with a view to realising social and individual aspirations and human happiness generally. As it degenerated into violence and bloodshed, however, the Revolution also provoked scepticism and pessimism about progress and human nature. The two basic types of modern political outlook, progressive and conservative, date from this experience. Which, if any, of these sets of beliefs was true is not at issue here. What matters is that the Revolution gave rise to them and gave them lasting life.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand the main events of the French Revolution 1789–99 and its significance in the shift in European culture from Enlightenment to Romanticism
  • appreciate the French Revolution and its significance through exposure to selected contemporary texts, documents and illustrations of the period.

First Published: 09/08/2012

Updated: 29/11/2018

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