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Saving Britain's Past: Map terms and conditions

Updated Friday, 10th April 2009

 Planning to share your heritage on our map? Here's what you need to know

This page was published over five years ago. Please be aware that due to the passage of time, the information provided on this page may be out of date or otherwise inaccurate, and any views or opinions expressed may no longer be relevant. Some technical elements such as audio-visual and interactive media may no longer work. For more detail, see our Archive and Deletion Policy

By sharing any contribution (including any text, photographs, graphics, video or audio) with the BBC and The Open University you agree to grant to the BBC and The Open University, free of charge, permission to use the material in any way it wants (including modifying and adapting it for operational and editorial reasons) for BBC and The Open University services in any media worldwide (including on the BBC and The Open University's sites accessed by international users).

Copyright in your contribution will remain with you and this permission is not exclusive, so you can continue to use the material in any way including allowing others to use it.

In order that the BBC and The Open University can use your contribution, you confirm that your contribution is your own original work, is not defamatory and does not infringe any UK laws, that you have the right to give the BBC and the Open University permission to use it for the purposes specified above, and that you have the consent of anyone who is identifiable in your contribution or the consent of their parent / guardian if they are under 16.

Please do not endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or break any laws when creating content you may share with the us.

If you do not want to grant the BBC and The Open University the permission set out above on these terms, please do not submit or share your contribution to or with us.





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