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What's your heritage? Map

Updated Friday, 10th July 2009

David Dimbleby's tour of the country, Seven Ages Of Britain, shows how objects can reveal unexpected stories about the past. We want to hear about the things that tell your story. Tell us about a place, object or practice that means something to your sense of identity and community

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This map shows the responses given so far. Click on one of the orange pins on the map to learn about someone's heritage. Green arrows show where there are several pins close together, click on one to zoom in and see the individual pins.

Share your heritage

As time passes more pins will be added, so do come back and explore further.

Not sure how to put your heritage on the map? Can't work out how to share a photo? Watch our video tutorial.

And if you really want to bring the past into the modern world, why not use your mobile to capture an image or a video and upload from the heart of your heritage?

Seven Ages of Britain

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