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What's your heritage? Map: How to share

Updated Friday, 10th July 2009

Need some help adding your heritage to the map? Our video takes you through the process.

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So this is where people can actually look at your photos, audio or video.  There’s a map here of the world and a button to share your heritage.  If I click on the button, I can put in my name and my details, but first I'm going to put the hand over the pin on the map and drag that across the Atlantic to New York, which is where my heritage story talks about.  And they want your name, so that’s Sophie Ona, and your heritage, I'm going to put a little piece in there.  And it’s asking if I have an image, audio or video to share, and in this instance I have a video so I'm going to click yes.  I need to put in a web address, that means a link to the site where I can find my photograph, my video or audio.  I mean if it was going to be an image I'd probably go to my Flickr account for example, or audio, there’s a website called Audioboom, but mine’s actually a video so I need to go to my YouTube account, find the video and copy the link into here where it’s asking for the web address.  But if you know already, off you go, create your page. 

Okay, I'm on the YouTube site, you can sign up for free on YouTube, you just need to follow the instructions.  Let me just put in my username and password.  There’s a button in the top right hand corner, a yellow button, upload, video file.  I'm going to find the file, here it is, click on that, select it and press the button open.  Now it’s actually uploading the file to YouTube.  Okay, while the file’s uploading I’ll go and fill in the details, so it’s asking for a title, description, and tags.  I think actually a good tag to use is heritage map.  Category, and privacy setting.  I'm going to share mine with the world.  Save changes.  Okay, it’s uploading the video, now that’s going to take a little bit of time…..  It’s finished!  Now all you need to do is get the address, you can click on a button here saying embed and sharing options, and under URL there is a web address.  Copy that, go back to Saving Britain’s Past website, copy that into the web address, now there’s a bit at the bottom here about agree to the terms and conditions, you can open up that and read that, tick that box there and click on the button, create a pin.  And there you have it, your pin’s in the map. 

That’s my personal heritage.  What does heritage mean for you?  We’d love to hear your stories.





Got that? Why not put the theory into practice and share your heritage with the world.

Some websites for sharing video

Some websites for sharing images

Some websites for sharing audio





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