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Renaissance Secrets: Secret of the Winter Garden

Updated Thursday, 1st September 2005

American art historian Claudia Swan travels from Krakow to Leiden on a mission to discover the secret of 1,800 priceless paintings hidden deep inside a Polish Library.

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Apples Drawing of flowers

Claudia's quest to understand Renaissance art leads into a labyrinth of nature, medicine and voyages of exploration, encountering a web of ideas that fundamentally changed Europe's view of science and the world.

Follow her journey with us to unpick the mysteries of the Winter Garden.

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The full story


Look at the web-site of the Research School Biodiversity, Amsterdam for a profile of the Leiden Botanic Garden.

Some of Carolus Clusius's books are catalogued in the Patten Collection of Herbals and Early Gardening Books.

Further reading
The Clusius Botanical Watercolours
Claudia Swan, Abrams 1998





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