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The making of Wreckers 1: The task ahead

Updated Sunday 18th February 2007

A planned programme on wreckers and wrecking stretches the Timewatch team's resources.

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Friday 16 February

Day one of the project and Chris Wilson [producer] and I have a daunting task ahead of us. We are working with the author of a 115,000 word book that investigates the truth behind the myths of wreckers and wrecking – but for a piece of television with just 8,000 words of commentary and 50 minutes of air time.

Bella Bathurst [Image: Pan MacMillan] Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Pan MacMillan
Bella Bathurst

In the book, Bella Bathurst [author of The Wreckers] visits seven different regions in Britain to uncover stories about wrecking. One of the first things we need to decide is how many of the places can we feasibly visit in our programme. The other worry is the lack of a simple narrative, there is no real chronology or story we can follow. We go away to read the book over the weekend to have a think.

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