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The making of Wreckers 12: Knocking back the 'Whisky'

Updated Sunday 27th May 2007

After a late-stage viewing session the decision is taken to pull one of the segments of the wrecking episode.

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Wednesday 23 May

We have a viewing with John Farren [executive producer]. By the end of the session, Chris and John have decided to drop the whole sequence on the Western Isles and Whisky Galore. It’s not uncommon at this late stage to do this if a sequence is getting in the way of the story and in danger of confusing the audience.

In this case, the Whisky Galore story comes too late in the film for what it tells the viewer about wrecking, so when we come to the sequence, it doesn’t follow on from the thought before but is like going backwards.

Stiaraval, Benbecula [Image: cole007 under CC-BY-NC-ND licence] Creative commons image Icon cole007 under CC-BY-NC-ND licence under Creative-Commons license
No room for the Western Isles: Stiaraval, Benbecula

We think about moving it up to the front of the film but that wouldn’t make sense to Bella’s geographic journey in the programme.

Finally the decision is made to drop it. It’s a real shame, as personally it is one of my favourite sequences in the film partly because the Whisky Galore film archive is so funny. But it’s true; the story arc works much better without it.

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