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The making of Wreckers 5: The PRO

Updated Friday 16th March 2007

Chasing public records.

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Monday 12 March

Back in White City, I am doing some more research. Legal texts form an important part of the story of wrecking – how it was legislated against – so I have been tracking down the original laws and texts.

The National Archive [Image: Electropod under CC licence] Creative commons image Icon Electropod under CC licence under Creative-Commons license
The National Archive

Filming these can be very visual – and we always like to “show” the viewer rather than just tell them about it. First port of call for documents is always the Public Record Office at Kew. Sure enough, many of the relevant texts we want are here. We provisionally book a date to film here with Bella. The Houses of Parliament also have all the Acts on their original parchment scrolls.

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