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The making of Wreckers 9: Whisky Galore

Updated Sunday, 22nd April 2007

Production of the series on wreckers takes the Timewatch team to the location of the real story behind the film "Whisky Galore".

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Monday 16 April

We are now in the Outer Hebrides filming for the section of the programme on Whisky Galore. Whisky Galore is an Ealing comedy film based on the true story of the Politician (or Polly, as it is more affectionately known) – a ship carrying 264,000 bottles of finest malt whisky which was wrecked off Eriskay in the war, much to the islanders’ delight.

Through the local museum, we have tracked down an islander who remembers the event.

One of the original bottles from the SS Politician, on display in a pub in Eriskay [Image: ejbaurdo under CC-BY-NC-SA licence] Creative commons image Icon ejbaurdo under CC-BY-NC-SA licence under Creative-Commons license

One of the original bottles from the SS Politician, on display in the pub in Eriskay

Not only does he remember his teacher turning up drunk to school but his father was one of those arrested for taking cargo off the wreck. We interview him in a very appropriate location – the one and only pub on the island.

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