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The making of Bloody Omaha 9: The big guns

Updated Wednesday 29th August 2007

Researcher Georgina Leslie's diary of the making of the Timewatch programme Bloody Omaha. The team fire a real German machine gun for an authentic soundtrack.

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29 August

We have a final filming day in England – with a MG42 German machine gun down at an ex WW2 training bunker on the Dorset coast. For this, we have employed a specialist Armourer because it is a real gun and we will be using live blank fire.

We cordon off a wide area around the filming and everyone on set has to don ear defenders. The gun fires an impressive 1,200 rounds per minute and the noise it makes is incredible. We have a very limited amount of ammunition because it is so expensive, so we film in very short three seconds bursts before changing the shot size or set up. It takes most of the day to film what will probably amount to about 15 seconds of television but it’s worth it because the CGI boys will be able to use some of these shots as foreground for their landing scenes.

For the people down on the beach enjoying ice creams, it must be very surreal to hear this gunfire echoing out across the bay.

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