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Free course

Methodism in Wales, 1730–1850

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Methodism in Wales, 1730–1850

In this free course, Methodism in Wales, 1730–1850, you will learn about a neglected strand of Welsh history and identity. By the mid-nineteenth century, Calvinistic Methodism had become the most popular religious denomination in Wales and a mainstay of Welsh national identity. Where did this new form of religion come from? Why did it become so popular? And how did it become so intertwined with ideas about Welshness? These are the questions this course will consider, and at the same time it will introduce you to some fantastic free online resources for learning about the history of Wales more broadly.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the broad history of Nonconformity generally and Methodism specifically in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Wales
  • see connections and conflicts between religious affiliation and national identity in this period of Welsh history
  • identify some of the types of evidence, including statistics, architecture and newspapers that tell us about that history
  • make use of some of the resources for studying Welsh history that are freely available online.

First Published: 17/08/2017

Updated: 22/07/2019

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