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Philosophy and the Human Situation: Track 7

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Philosophy and philosophical enquiries are relevant in some shape or form to many aspects of everyday life, for example our treatment of the environment, the rapidity of today's technological progress, whether animals should have rights and if so how they should compare to ours. Philosophy also encompasses questions about the existence of God, how life is sustained on earth, and even at what point should the Government intrude on a person's freedom. This album introduces the study of philosophy and the human situation, and contains talks and debates from leading philosophical thinkers and teachers, past and present. This material forms part of The Open University course A211 Philosophy and the human situation.

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Track 7: Who Is The Earth?

Moral philosopher Mary Midgley delivers a talk concerning differing and changing attitudes to our planet and our environmental responsibilities

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Philosophy and the human situation    An introduction to this album Play now Philosophy and the human situation
2 Liberty and Offence    Philosophy professor Jonathan Wolff discusses 19th century classical liberal thinker John Stuart Mill’s famous ‘harm’ principle Play now Liberty and Offence
3 Rousseau and Positive Freedom    Philosophy lecturer Derek Matravers explains 18th century philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s line of thought in his great work, The Social Contract Play now Rousseau and Positive Freedom
4 Pro- and Anti-Regan Debate    Rosalind Hursthouse and Derek Matravers cover, in the form of a debate, the Regan argument developed by Tom Regan, animal rights professor. Play now Pro- and Anti-Regan Debate
5 Ethics, Animals, and the Environment    Oxford University Philosophy Professor Roger Crisp discusses specific moral questions concerning ethics, animals and the environment Play now Ethics, Animals, and the Environment
6 Wonder    Influential philosopher of aesthetics Ronald Hepburn explains in his talk, ‘Wonder’, why wonder has haunted him over many decades Play now Wonder
7 Who Is The Earth?    Moral philosopher Mary Midgley delivers a talk concerning differing and changing attitudes to our planet and our environmental responsibilities Play now Who Is The Earth?
8 Taking Stock    Bioethicist Janet Radcliffe Richards gives a talk entitled 'Taking Stock' focusing on the definition of philosophy and problems surrounding study of the subject Play now Taking Stock
9 Artificial Intelligence    Philosophy professor Tim Crane explains what he sees to be the main philosophical issues in the area of Artificial Intelligence Play now Artificial Intelligence
10 The New Argument from Design    Physics professor Russell Stannard re-examines the claim he made 10 years ago about the way the universe seems mysteriously to have been geared up for producing life Play now The New Argument from Design
11 Faith and Reason    Calvinist theologian Paul Helm argues that differences between one religion and another, or between some religion and no religion, can be rationally held Play now Faith and Reason
12 Environmental Values    Philosophy lecturer Chris Belshaw discusses environmental philosophy and distinguishes between ways in which it has been claimed that aspects of the environment can be valuable Play now Environmental Values
13 Functionalism about the mind    Philosophy lecturer Alex Barber discusses two materialist positions - mind-brain identity theory and behaviourism – out of which functionalism developed in the last century Play now Functionalism about the mind




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