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OU on the BBC: Iceland Foods: Life in The Freezer Cabinet

Updated Tuesday, 15th October 2013

Malcolm Walker, maverick CEO of Iceland supermarket, opens the doors to his frozen empire.

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Iceland CEO Malcolm Walker with briefcase full of money Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC In this three part series, we open the doors to the UK’s leading frozen food chain, Iceland.

Its maverick CEO, Malcolm Walker has a unique business ethos: treat your staff like family and even in a double-dip recession, you can’t lose.

He keeps prices low and rewards the best performing stores and managers lavishly. And they love him for it.

But Malcolm has taken a big gamble: £1.55 billion to be exact. Earlier this year, with the help of investors, he and three friends bought back Iceland, the firm he started in 1970.

Times have never been tougher in food retail. And now Malcolm and his fellow execs are indebted to the hilt.

Iceland is facing a drop in profits for the first time in 16 years. Over a period of 6 months Malcolm opens the doors to his 800-store empire and we get a glimpse of the weird and surprising secrets behind his frozen food business.

We’ll track his adventures, see how he pressures suppliers to deliver more for less, watch the efforts of his employees to win rewards and climb the career ladder, and hear from his strongest critics.

Iceland Foods: Life in The Freezer on the BBC

Iceland Foods was originally broadcast on BBC Two in October and November 2013. More information about each episode appears below.





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