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Getting started on ancient Greek free course icon Level

History & The Arts 

Getting started on ancient Greek

This free course, Getting started on ancient Greek, offers a taster of the ancient Greek world through the study of one of its most distinctive and enduring features: its language.The course approaches the language methodically, starting with the alphabet and effective ways to memorise it, before building up to complete Greek words and sentences. Along the way, you will see numerous real examples of Greek as written on objects from the ancient world.

Free course
16 hrs
Open Centre for Languages and Cultures icons icon-collections


Open Centre for Languages and Cultures

The Open Centre for Languages and Cultures: your learning hub for communication in an interconnected world.

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European Day of Languages article icon


European Day of Languages

Happy European Day of Languages! Find out more about why we should celebrate language learning.

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Try your hand at travel writing article icon

History & The Arts 

Try your hand at travel writing

Travel is something we can all do. We don’t have to travel great distances. A journey can be as close as the distance from our home to the park at the end of the road. Travel writing is one of the most compelling forms of writing because a good travel book can transport you immediately to different places, people, and cultures, all from the comfort of your own home.

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Write around the world - the map! activity icon

History & The Arts 

Write around the world - the map!

Travel right around the world in the company of books.

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Emotion management for translators article icon


Emotion management for translators

Find out more about this training package on emotion management. The training is designed for translators working as employees in organisations who need to employ specific emotional skills in their working context.

Creative commons image Icon Course image by Pexels from Pixabay: photos/ bench-grass-man-person-reading-1853961/ under Creative-Commons license
What happens to you when you read? free course icon Level

Health, Sports & Psychology 

What happens to you when you read?

Ever wondered about the psychology of literature or stories? Or how a certain narrative might change our attitude or perspective? This free course, What happens to you when you read? explores our relationship with books and the ways in which engaging with fiction in particular can change readers.  Research shows that as well as providing us with a form of entertainment, the activity of reading can bring benefits to our wellbeing in challenging times. People have experienced and explored these benefits throughout history. A good story can entertain us, develop our creativity and imagination, and transport us to different fictional worlds, but it can change us psychologically as well. Transcript As you work your way through this course, you will have the chance to participate in both reading and writing activities and experience for yourself what happens to you when you read.

Free course
3 hrs
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