Business English: Researching a new location
Business English: Researching a new location

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Business English: Researching a new location

3.2 Asking for and giving information on the telephone

Here are some common phrases that people use when telephoning:

Giving the reason for a call

  • I'm phoning for some information on ...

  • I'd like some more detailed material ...

  • I'd like to meet someone from CNT ...

  • I need some information ...

  • I need to talk to an accountant.

Making requests

  • Could you send me ...?

  • Could I take some details ...?

Making offers

  • Shall I arrange for ...?

  • Would you like me to send them ...?

Promising action

  • I'll put you through ...

  • I'll send them to you ...

  • I'll contact you ...

Activity 17

Put the words in the sentences below in the correct order. Each sentence begins with the first word given.



Shall I send you a list of the sites in Telford?

  1. We/sites/to/like/visit/possible/would.

  2. Could/by/the/information/you/fax/me/send?

  3. Would/tour/a/like/organise/me/you/to?

  4. I'm/the/phoning/project/about/relocation.

  5. I'll/back/him/to/ask/you/phone.


  1. We would like to visit possible sites.

  2. Could you send me the information by fax?

  3. Would you like me to organise a tour?

  4. I'm phoning about the relocation project.

  5. I'll ask him to phone you back.

Now you are going to make a telephone call similar to the one in Activity 15 (see Section 3.1). Before you make the call to an official at the Commission for New Towns, prepare what you want to say. You may like to listen to the audio clip in Activity 15 again before doing this activity.

Activity 18

Read the following conversation and prepare your part in it using the prompts given. Pay particular attention to the words in bold. When you have done that, listen to the extract and take part in the conversation. The first part is done for you.

[Phone rings]

OFFICIAL Good morning. CNT. How can I help?

[Identify yourself and company. Vacant sites.]

YOU Hello. My name is ... from ... I'm phoning for some information on vacant sites.

OFFICIAL Right. What exactly are you interested in, please?

[List of available sites, prices, facilitieswould like.]

OFFICIAL OK. We have some packs on that. How many would you like?

[Request four packs and videocould.]

OFFICIAL Certainly. Is there anything else I can help with?

[Hotels in areaneed.]

OFFICIAL Right. I'll send that with the packs. Could I take some details about your company?

[Offer to fax themshall.]

OFFICIAL Oh yes, that'll be fine. If you need more information you can phone Ravi Pushpa.

[Ask for his numbercould.]

OFFICIAL Yes, it's 0128 43951.

[Promise to phone him tomorrowwill.]


[Thank for help.]

OFFICIAL It's a pleasure. Goodbye.

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Model answers to this activity are given on the audio clip.


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