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Why study English language?

Updated Monday 7th September 2015

How can becoming an English language student change your life or your job? Find out how to take your interest further by studying with the Open University. 

Many people assume studying English language can only further your career if you work in teaching, translation, or the publishing industry. Watch this video to hear how people in many different professions have benefitted from studying the English language.​

Take your interest further 

English spoken sign in a Parisian restaurant Creative commons image Icon Roboppy under CC-BY-NC-ND licence under Creative-Commons license Like to explore more of the world of English? Go further with the Open University.

We offer a variety of free learning opportunities to try out a subject, brush up on your skills or find out if studying is for you – or you can start studying English at degree-level with modules and qualifications. 

Explore learning with free courses

Try out a free course on the history of the English language, modern global English or English language teaching – or, if it's been a while since you studied, find out more about how you can succeed with learning.

Study with the Open University

Don't know where to start? Find out about getting started with one of our foundation-level Access courses, discover what it's like to be an Open University student, or brush up on your study skills with tips and advice





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