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Le Lapin Agile

Updated Tuesday 19th June 2007

An introduction to the Le Lapin Agile

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This is an informal place to eat. Its colourful history dates back to 1860, when it was known as the Cabaret des Assassins as it housed a painting showing a murder of a serial killer. In 1880 it became known as Le lapin agile (The Agile Rabbit) because the painter Gill painted a picture on the wall showing a rabbit leaping from a saucepan. The painting, and then the venue, became known as le lapin à Gill (Gill's rabbit). A copy of the painting is still on show.

It became a favourite place for artists and others who would often barter for their food - it is said that Picasso paid for a lunch here with his painting of "Arlequin". A high price by today’s market values!





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