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Gaelic in modern Scotland
Gaelic in modern Scotland

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4.4.2 The bilingual poet

Aonghas MacNeacail, although he uses only the Gaelic form of his name, writes highly acclaimed poetry in both Gaelic and English. There are many journalists, actors and broadcasters who do the same, thus extending their range and marketability.

Figure 35
Figure 30 Aonghas MacNeacail

Aonghas’s poem on Marilyn Monroe, written in both languages, is given below. Click here [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] to visit Aonghas MacNeacail’s website.

Marilyn Monroe by Aonghas Macneacail
òr 'na do ghruaiggold in your hair
òr ann an ìnean do chasgold in the nails on your feet
òr ann an ruisg chadalach do shùilean beò gold in the sleepy lids of your living eyes
òr 'na do ghruaidhean, 'nam fathann athaidhgold in your cheeks, in their rumour of a blush
òr ruadh do bhileanred gold of your lips
òr sa ghualainn mhin àrd a' fasgadh do smiggold in the raised shoulder that shelters your chin
òr anns a' bhroilleach ghealltanachd gold in your breasts, their promise
paisgte 'na bhadenfolded in wisps
òr 'na do chneas seang, air miadan do chruachangold in your slender waist, on the meadows of your hip
ann an lùb nan sliasaid isin the curve of thigh and
air glùin nan dìomhaireachdon your knee of mysteries
rinn d' adhbrainn òrachyour golden ankle gave
dannsa caolslim dances
do gach sùil a shealladhthat any eye could see
airgead-beò 'na do chuisleanquicksilver in your veins
airgead-beò 'na do chridhequicksilver in your heart
airgead-beò gu na h-iomaillquicksilver to every corner
dhe d' anamof your soul
agus d' osnadh, do ghàireand your sighs, your laugh
do ghuth-seinn, do ghuth-labhairtyour singing, your speech
mar bhraoin de dh'òrlike a mist of gold
agus do gach fear a chùmand to every man who kept you
air lios leaghteach nan dealbh thuon the screen's dissolving field
òr, ogold, from
bhàrr calgach do chlaiginn guthe maned top of your skull
buinn rùisgte do chasto the bare soles of your feet
òr, òr, òr,gold, gold, gold,
beò no marbhalive or dead
their cuid nach robh thu cho cùbhraidhsome say you weren't so fragrant
's iad a' deothal an t-sùighas they suck the substance
a sporan suilt òrach do bhèinfrom the fertile purse of your skin
òr, òr, òrgold, gold, gold