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Intermediate German: Understanding spoken German
Intermediate German: Understanding spoken German

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6.2 Using the transcript

In this activity, you will see how the video transcript can be useful in bolstering your understanding of video material.

Activity 26

The video transcript can be useful in furthering your understanding. Read it through before watching the video again. Don’t look up every word you don’t understand, but if there are some sentences you find tricky, take a few minutes to try to work out some of the information you are going to hear.

Now watch the video, and try to form some complete answers to the following questions. You may find it is easier to understand, having worked out some of the key ideas in advance.

1 Who does Antje Schollweck live with, and where do they live?

2 What makes her happy?

3 What does she like?

4 Why did she call her car Schorschi?

5 What happens to people if they leave where they grew up?

Download this video clip.Video player: ol_l113_vid005.mp4
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1 She lives with her husband, his parents, his siblings and a stepchild.

2 Relationships between people make her happy.

3 She loves all sorts of people. She likes talking to them. She likes learning new things.

4 She gives all of her cars a name.

5 They change. She is no longer the person she used to be. When you move away from home you are influenced by new experiences, and you have to learn the way other people think. This can change the way you behave.

Box 6 Improving your pronunciation

Using the transcript can help you to improve your pronunciation. For good pronunciation it is very important to listen closely to what someone is saying, and to concentrate on how it sounds. It is also important that you learn to make the link between what spoken and written language.

There are different ways of using the transcript. You can listen/watch the video while reading the transcript to yourself at the same time.

Reading aloud is also a valuable way of working with the transcript. You can read it aloud while watching the video with the sound off. Reading aloud is a valuable thing to do. Through doing this, you focus on the sound the words make, and doing it while the video images are running means you speak at natural speed. You can also read the transcript aloud while watching the video with the sound on. This too encourages you to read at natural speaking speed, but it also lets you hear how a German speaker says the word while you are reading.